Het Doet Zo Zeer

wednesday 04 october 2017 | Documentary

In HET DOET ZO ZEER schetst Heleen van Royen een portret van haar moeder bij wie beginnende dementie is geconstateerd. Een portret van zeer dichtbij: Heleen bedient de camera grotendeels zelf. In een periode van ruim een jaar volgt ze haar moeder in alledaagse situaties en in de tocht langs artsen, zorginstellingen en klinieken. Moeilijke beslissingen over verhuizen, over euthanasie en kostbare momenten van samenzijn wisselen elkaar af. Een liefdevolle, herkenbare, pijnlijke en vaak bijzonder grappige ode aan het leven, met dank aan Heleens moeder, mevrouw Breed.

Capitalism: A Love Story

wednesday 06 january 2010 | Documentary

With both humor and outrage, Michael Moore's CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY explores a taboo question: What is the price that America pays for its love of capitalism? Years ago, that love seemed so innocent. Today, however, the American dream is looking more like a nightmare as families pay the price with their jobs, their homes and their savings. Michael Moore takes us into the homes of ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down; and he goes looking for explanations in Washington, DC and elsewhere. What he finds are the all-too-familiar symptoms of a love affair gone astray: lies, abu...

Sand And Sorrow

tuesday 11 september 2007 | Documentary War

Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Paul Freedman directs this sobering documentary about the genocidal crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. Freedman followed a group of African Union peacekeeping forces on a journey through the area, observing the 2.5 million people displaced from their homes by brutal violence, and forced to stay in the squalor of temporary camps. Analyzing the cultural, political, and historical background of the area, the film examines how the government in Sudan was able to turn so ruthlessly against its own indigenous people, creating what would most likely go down in histo...

Metal, A Headbanger's Journey

wednesday 01 november 2006 | Documentary

Heavy metal might be regarded as the High School Shop Class of rock & roll -- there's a lot going on there, but most folks don't credit the participants with being either very smart or terribly ambitious. Not everyone feels that way, though, and filmmaker, anthropologist, and heavy metal enthusiast Sam Dunn offers an insider's look at the music and subculture of metal with this documentary, created in collaboration with filmmakers Scot McFadyen and Jessica Joy Wise. Metal: A Headbanger's Journey examines the history of hard rock's extreme wing, offers a look at the various subsections within t...

March Of The Penguins

wednesday 21 december 2005 | Documentary

The cycle of life the Emperor's penguins is disclosed in this wonderful documentary. Every autumn, these animal leave the safety of the ocean and march along twenty days to a place called ''Oamack''. Once there, they select their mates, they procreate, protect and feed their offspring and after months they return to the sea. Later, their progeny go to the ocean, where they stay for four years, and when they reach their adult life, they follow the same pattern of their parents.

The Yes Men

friday 01 october 2004 | Documentary

Anti-corporate activists travel from conference to conference, impersonating member of the World Trade Organization.

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